Midsummer flowers

A few summer flowers and a couple of insects that visited our garden recently:

Flower Festival photos

Took some photos at a flower festival today; here are a selection of them:

Sparkles on a river

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A view of the River Mersey from the first floor of the Tate Liverpool gallery; prettier than the pictures indoors.

Spring flowers

Just a selection  from our garden – including some wild ones among the bulbs we planted.

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Just a few photos to share. We saw at first hand MAF’s latest aircraft (and it was so small, less room inside than our family car – but then they fly to hard-to-reach places). A highlight for us was the flight simulator. Nothing overly complicated but modesty forbids me to elaborate my delight at not actually crashing the ‘plane on my turn trying to land at a remote airstrip.

I expect we’ll follow this up at church. In the meantime, a few photos:

NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (8) NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (7) NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (6) NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (5) NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (4) NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (3) NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (2) NatHist Museum Feb 2013 (1)

These are a few photos from our half term trip. The main reason for going was to see the exhibition of Wildlife photography (which has since finished) and we were impressed by the range and quality of them. I would love to show some of them to you but there is a little matter of copyright, of course.

In the meantime we have learnt that it is counter-productive trying to see absolutely everything in a museum or gallery. That is a hard temptation to resist especially if it is unlikely that you are going to visit that place again. However, in this case we have been before and so apart from the exhibition we chose two favourite places to see. The first was the mammal section and our all-time favourite, the replica of a blue whale. It is big – just compare it to the elephant in the last picture.

We also paid a visit to the insect section. Not many of our photos came out – they had live ants here but the layers of protective glass made focussing difficult. Nonetheless it was fascinating watching them.

The building is worth a mention. It is the same era as the Houses of Parliament and worth a look in its own right.

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