New look

It has been over four years since I started this little venture so I decided to freshen things up a little. Whether or not you like the changes the content is much the same!

… I am warming to the idea of a federal United Kingdom.

Words – a thought

Wise words, even Divine ones, mean little to us unless we actually experience them.

Clever words can be like gold and fashioned into a pretty bauble; or put to use such as redeeming a slave by purchasing their freedom.

So the question for us is this: “Do your words just sound good, or do they do good too?”

May my words and my thoughts be acceptable to God, who gives me strength and who is my redeemer. (Psalm 19 verse 14)

Five Lands

A quote from the life of St Philip Neri:

“At first I lived in the land of hard work until one day the angel of God came and led me to the land of silence and there I learned there was so much more to life. I slowed down and realised how much we are in danger of missing it if we are not careful. Then he came and led me to the land of love and in that land I learned the most important of life’s lessons. Then one day the angel came back and he led me to the land of suffering. And there in that land the last vestiges of selfishness were purged away. And then, one day, the angel came back and he said, ‘Now you Philip are ready for another land, you are ready to be taken into the inmost heart of God.’ And that was the day he look me to the land of laughter.”

Hard work, Silence, Love, Suffering, Laughter

I think I’m going to have to think about that one.

The Bible on Channel five

A number of people have commentated that this might be worth watching. Although there are some details I might quibble over (see Wikipedia article) it will be interesting to see if it captures the imagination as it did in America earlier this year. More info here.

… it would be better if it were a communicating door.

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