A friend of a friend suggested this link which illustrates the scale of the universe and our place in it. Can’t vouch for the rest of the site but I found this video thought-provoking to say the least. I think we too easily forget just how small we human beings are. And if we are tempted to think: “Wow, the universe is so big, God can’t have made it” then I would humbly suggest that may be our idea of God is too small.

And, as for the other end of the scale, I would suggest that perhaps we underestimate God’s subtlety – God is rather more clever than we tend to give credit for. Sometimes we invoke God to explain the things we do not understand about our universe (the so-called “God-of-the-gaps”). That is not really very helpful because as soon as we think we understand what was previously ‘a mystery’ we assume that this “disproves” God in someway. We forget that God is in the things about the universe that we do understand too.