A must see for the fans, good enough for sci-fi buffs and fine if you like an action movie.

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is “I don’t mind watching Star Trek”, 5 is “I try to catch every episode” and 10 is “I dress up and go to conventions” then I am somewhere round 4 1/2. (A similar figure applies for the Star Wars series.) I have seen all the movies but I couldn’t say if I have seen every episode – I missed several of the early Deep Space 9 episodes and have no idea whether I caught all of the Next Generation, for instance. Some of the movies didn’t really work.

However, this reboot on a parallel timeline seems to be working OK. I could have done with a little more character development but this is an action film after all. Treading the fine line between remake and rehash is not easy but I think they have pulled it off: the storyline so far has been familiar but not the same as the original series. I don’t want to give anything away but suffice to say the Uhura-Spock interaction is an interesting development. Captain Pike gets injured but not as in the original series. And as for the adversary in “Into Darkness” we have ‘Khan meets Moriarty’, you might say.

As ever, I wish I had a volume control for some of the action scenes which were pretty much set-piece. There were enough plot twists to keep us interested although the solution to the captain’s lethal situation was obvious to anyone paying attention. I liked the nod to Star Trek II in the latter half of the film. Overall, I enjoyed this film – even the closing credits (especially the music) made me smile.

If it makes it to our TV screens I will watch it again.

4 stars, 8/10