The best word to describe the cinema we visited is probably “cosy”. The seats were comfortable, you could recline in them, and each pair had narrow table large enough to put down your drink – that includes a pot of tea if you so chose! I don’t know how they make a profit because the prices were fairly typical of your average cinema and there were about 100 or so seats in total. And the pre-feature adverts were mercifully short.

As for the film, “suitable for all ages”, we enjoyed it. The plot was straight-forward (world tour for the Muppets acting as cover for the nefarious criminals) and had few surprises. However, the Muppets and their human co-stars did well in a film that was most definitely not taking itself too seriously. The line in the opening number about the sequel not being as good as the first (I think this is their eighth) says it all. The slapstick catered for the younger audience; meanwhile I took to cameo spotting and references to other films (I think I saw, “Johnny English”, “The Colditz Story”, “The Shawshank Redemption” and “James Bond”). One very young member of the audience behind us was audibly upset by one scene featuring the “Bad Frog” but other people seemed all right.

I found the film overall was OK, my young companion thought it was brilliant – 4 and a half stars or 9 out of 10 from them, 3 stars or 5 out of ten from me. Between us that is 4 stars or 7 out of 10.