Out of the mouths of babies and children…

… after a few seconds, literally, as the film got underway, the cinema echoed to the sound of young children laughing and giggling (ours included) – and the story had not even started yet. If the laughter of children is the benchmark of a good film, then Despicable Me 2 scores very highly very quickly.

There is a plot, some peril and slapstick violence but the heart of the film is both entertaining for the children and amusing for adults. I suspect that the only group that would not be impressed might be adolescent teenagers – there were too few in the theatre to tell. I do not want to give anything away but it is fair to say that the antics of the minions varied between amusing and hilarious; Gru’s deadpan wickedness (but not really) worked but I wonder if the “master-criminal-with-the-heart-of-gold-he-never-realised-he-had” motif would be sustainable for a third movie. Among our favourite bits was the fire engine scene (no give away there as it appears in the trailer) and the set-piece musical items at the end. I know I’ve seen the singer with the sequined hat crooning a romantic song somewhere but I can’t remember where.

I probably won’t buy the DVD but would watch it if it appeared on TV.

As a family film 4 stars, for children probably 5 stars; overall 8 out of 10.