As ever, when we looked at the admission prices for the palace and grounds of Hampton Court we thought they looked a bit steep and decided just to admire the Tudor Palace from the outside. It was only later on that same day that we decided that perhaps they were fairly typical prices – cheaper than several other popular tourist attractions, in fact. Be that as it may, our day out took us on local buses with a view from the top deck which I enjoyed because I used to live around here. I come from Middlesex even though these days my county has mostly been swallowed up by London.

The maze is one of the oldest in the world but not very big. I suppose it took us about a quarter of an hour – but I reckon it was about my sixth visit! The first time I went as a child we probably paid in Old Money something like 6d each. (That’s 6 “old” pence). To find it you need to go near the Lion Gate which is not the main entrance but opposite the entrance to Bushy Park. By the way, you can get to Hampton Court by train and then walk across the bridge over the Thames and you are there.

We took some photos too, here around the palace:

and here in the maze: