A couple of weeks ago, after the driest couple of Spring months for many a year, a local farmer decided to irrigate their crops – and I don’t blame them. However, as you may notice from this photo, they happened to choose a day when it poured down with rain. Meanwhile, not long after, our county was one of several where it has been officially declared that we are having a drought. It came as little surprise to some of us that it then started to rain.

Having said that, although we have had some rain – enough to be a nuisance when going out and about – it has some way to go before it makes up for the lack of the wet stuff over several weeks. Of course, some other parts of the country have been having more than their usual share of rain and perhaps wonder what all the fuss is about.

Maybe  we’ll learn that water is a precious resource and is not something we can take for granted. To be sure in the UK we usually have alot but we are using more and more so wasting it is not an option. We do not live in a desert, we live in a green land which does go to show that we do normally get a fair bit of rain; but perhaps we need to remember that it is a blessing, not a right.