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midpoint of partial solar eclipse, 85%

midpoint of partial solar eclipse, 85%

… actually it was 85% coverage of the sun by the moon in a solar eclipse. At our latitude we saw a partial eclipse. To see a total eclipse, assuming that the weather was kind, would involve a trip to the Faroes, which was out of the question for us. Still, I was able to take a few photos using a homemade solar filter. (I should add that the paper was high quality specialist film which I had bought previously when I thought we might see the transit of Venus. As it was, the weather was inconvenient then).

Given that I was using a bridge digital camera (mid-way between point-and-shoot and, say, a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera) and filter holder made from a “Pringle’s” tube, I think I did quite well.


I still haven’t got the hang of taking night-time photos but these two pleased me given that I’m using a bridge camera (not a DSLR). Jupiter is a bit blurred but that is because of the trail caused by a 1 second exposure without any kind of tracking. The Moon has some discernible detail – also a 1 second exposure. For the rest of the settings I chose “landscape” from the scene menu and hoped for the best for things like focus and aperture. So really it’s “well done” to the camera!

Jupiter and four moons

A gibbous moon

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