Archbishop Issues Call for Church Revolution.

A friend of mine alerted me to Archbishop Justin’s presidential address. It is well thought out and challenging not just to synod but to the ordinary person in the pew.

He sets out the fact that our culture is now very different to the one many of us grew up with; the task is to sort out how to take account of this seriously without diluting truth or denying the gospel. The good news of God’s love is revealed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. How to apply that in practice has produced a range of responses from Christians  – even from within the same church! One of the Archbishop’s points is that we need to be completely honest – if we say there is room for an opposing view point then the people holding it should know that in practice, not just word, they are welcome. If we believe that in fact their point of view has no place in our church then better say so than pretend otherwise. Ouch.

How we treat each other in church is no substitute for going out to share the gospel – yet what we do in church does have an impact on how the good news is (mis-)heard.