It has not taken me much effort to resist the temptation to compose a few lines of poetry and then publish them on line. However, I do think that poetry is worth reading and spending some time over. Some poems are deeply moving, others inspiring, yet others are witty or even just fun. Some poems are cleverly written, some defy convention, and others need  our concentrated attention. Meanwhile there are badly written poems, lazy rhyming schemes, impenetrable lines; there are overlong sagas as well as pretentious prose set out on the page to give the impression of poetry. And I don’t think it is necessarily a matter of taste whether a piece of writing falls into one or the other category above – an element of personal preference, to be sure, but not the whole story methinks.

My humble contribution to this year’s National Poetry Day is to put online a poem I happen to like. I’m afraid it is not about this year’s subject, but this one made me smile the first time I heard it.

A Farmer’s Boy

They strolled down the
lane together,

The sky was studied with

They reached the gate
in silence,

And he lifted down the

She neither smiled nor
thanked him

Because she knew not

For he was just a
farmer’s boy

And she a Jersey cow…