“When I was young there seemed to be more old people than young; these days there are more young people than old. Surely it should be the other way round?” So wrote Sir Terry Pratchett in one of his Discworld novels. For me these days it is a fifty-fifty split, I think, but when I was a teenager the “old” did seem to outnumber the rest of us. Not that we gave it much thought then. Falling in/out of love, the latest gadget, fashionable music, getting a job, finding a place to rent/buy, making a mark, changing the world, getting enough money – these were the topics uppermost on our minds. Mind you, just listening to our conversation might have given the impression that only the first three topics mattered.

It would be too glib or too patronising to say what “the Young” need prayer for when I haven’t taken the trouble to ask them. Still, I think I would like to pray for hope for all those who consider themselves as “young” that frustration may be turned to determination to change the world for the better and that anger may become action to bring it about for the good of all.

“New every morning is the love, our waking and uprising prove;

through sleep and darkness safely brought, resorted to life in power and thought.” (John Keble, 1792-1866)