There is plenty of comment and news about the UK general election on the web and other media. I don’t propose to tell you whom to vote for. There are two reasons for this. The first is that while I do have political preferences (see here for the issues I think are most important), I would rather you made up you mind based on sound principles and values rather than by being nagged by someone like me. Secondly, I do not want one political party to have power alone; I much prefer it when parties work together. Despite some obvious failings (refer here to your particular issue), I think the Coalition has worked pretty well. The government has not fallen apart, the two parties were able to work together most of the time and yet fall out with each other from time to time. If they never argued I would have been more suspicious.

Meanwhile we are told that we have a choice of only two who may become Prime Minister. While that is most likely, it is possible that another party could steal a march on the others unexpectedly. In thinking that we only have a choice of two it would easy to forget that the two (currently) largest parties are minority parties. Whichever party you vote for is a minority party.

That is something that has changed in this country during this century. It has been suggested that if the “didn’t vote” part of the electorate were a political party they would be the largest of them all. And, yes, it too would be a minority party.

So, if I were to give my fellow-citizens any advice it would be this: vote for the minority party of your choice, you do not have to choose one of the two bigger ones if you don’t want to.