The pink candle
Is the one you light
on the third Sunday of Advent
no more than a fortnight, two Sundays
before Christmas day

the idea is to spend this month before the Feast
reflecting on the woes of the world and
on the promises God makes to his people
of forgiveness, justice, hope, peace
heavy, serious, life-changing, world-changing stuff;

so for one day, before the Big Day, we lighten up a little
and have some pink among the dark colours
to rejoice a little

I wonder if we are so busy
partying among the tinsel
– another mince pie, sir?
Don’t the little ones look cute
Don’t drink and drive
– and so on –
so busy celebrating that we haven’t
got the time to rejoice a little
in the cosmic blessings that
we barely glimpse even
when we are paying attention