Where I live, it never gets truly dark
Not black, no sparkling night heaven
Nor cloak of invisible nature skulking in the nocturnal gloom
Where I live, night is deep purple with an orange wash
Sometimes foggy, often dull, never black, few stars, if any;
You can’t see much of the sky at all
How can true light shine in the darkness
When it is never completely dark
Where I live.

At night, you see less
You do not venture outdoors too much
After dark, you take your own light
On bike, bus or car unless
Dog-walking takes you on a circuit
Lamppost after lamppost.

Just because it is not perfectly dark
Does not mean you can see properly
Just because there are no clouds tonight
Does not mean you will see many stars;
I still would like to see
The Light, that shines in the darkness,
Illuminate the town, the fog, the clouds
Where I live