Rest comes in different guises: it might be a holiday, time off, a tea break even a sabbatical or perhaps something else. We need some rest to keep ourselves healthy. Rest is also one of God’s gifts – indeed, according to the very first book of the Bible, God himself rested after six days of his good work in creating the world.

Many people get some rest by taking the opportunity to have a holiday during this time of year. There are so many possibilities – what do you prefer? For some the best way is a “staycation” where people do not go away from home but go on day trips to places they would not otherwise have time to visit; they might treat themselves to a take-away or meal out. For others a holiday means travel: that could be the other side of the world or to the other side of the country. Is it beaches and sunbathing or culture and museums? Is it active outward bound holidays or settling to a good read without interruption?

On one occasion, after his disciples had told him what they had said and done, Jesus took one look at them and said, “Come on, you lot, you need some rest” (Mark chapter 6 verse 31). Perhaps not those exact words, but Jesus saw their need and did something about it. He took them away for bit of rest and re-creation.

Reading on in Mark chapter 6 you would see that the ‘rest’ did not last very long but there were other occasions when Jesus took “time out” from his ministry to re-charge his batteries. So, if you are taking a holiday about now, may it be a time of refreshment and re-creation for you. And if you are not, I hope you find some times for some rest among the busy-ness of life, so that you can re-charge your batteries. Either way, may God bless you wherever you may be.