When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I remember hard toilet tissue and soft toilet tissue. The soft variety was expensive and when I was very young it did not feature in our household. It was much more comfortable when my “elders and betters” decided we could afford soft toilet tissue – and we haven’t looked back since, so to speak.

Paper became cheap – that is convenient. Paper became more plentiful – and we started to get wasteful. Such a pity. Perhaps there is a more environmental alternative out there; I don’t know. In the meantime I still read books and the occasional newspaper or magazine. Yes, there are electronic devices such as the one I am tying on just now – and I am not complaining – but you can’t wrap up a birthday present with a computer. And wallpaper that goes on real walls has to be, well, paper.

It was paper that meant that ideas could be spread round as many people as could read. It was paper that has meant that the Bible became available to millions. I don’t think paper has had its day – I still like to paint and draw when I may – but even if its time is coming to an end, I am grateful for many of the pictures, words, and the Word, that it has brought my way.