That’s of the weather variety. At first glance, when we’ve been complaining about a bitter cold wind, it might seem like a strange choice.

I could wax lyrical about windmills, wind turbines (controversial though they are), sailing and the colour spinners that brighten up gardens and sandcastles. But that is not the point I am making. Nor is it how the wind helps pollinate trees and other plants and thereby is an essential part of ecology – not to mention producing some of our food.

I am thinking of something more basic. Wind is moving air: from high pressure to low pressure. It is in large part due to the difference in temperature between the equator and the poles. Wind helps to share the heat (and energy) round the world. Wind brings some of the warmth of the South to the North (I live in the Northern hemisphere). I thank God for wind because it is a natural mechanism that shares the blessing of the sun’s warmth around the world. To be sure it is not a simple mechanism and too much wind can be damaging. But I thank God for the wind because it helps even things out round the planet we live on.