I have never met Her Majesty the Queen, nor any other member of the royal family for that matter. I suppose I am a Monarchist, at least with the constitutional monarchy we have in this country. So I toasted the Queen at last year’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and, like most folk, don’t give her a second thought except to say that the monarchy is part our national identity. If we didn’t have the Queen we might as well be American or even European federalists. But it is not politics that’s on my mind. The actual anniversary of the Queen’s coronation is in June and it is this year that sees the 60th anniversary of that.

Elizabeth became Queen on 6th February on the death of her father, George VI. Put another way, the anniversary of her becoming Queen, (her Accession to the throne) is also the anniversary of when her dad died. I think that poignant. After all, most of us do not have official public prayers every year to mark such an occasion. Well, there are special prayers for the Accession, which falls on February 6th. Much as I might want to say, “God save the Queen” I can’t help but think that while Elizabeth II may be Queen, she’s also a daughter whose dad died today 60 years ago.

God save the Queen and God bless us all.