Will this really make composting more interesting?

Will this really make composting more interesting?

Marquee -"potato day" 2013

Well, the rain didn’t wash away all the snow but at least the blue sky and the temporary appearance of the sun cheered us up a bit. So we dared to get in the car and venture out to Warwickshire for the members’ day of “Potato Day”. It is not as arcane as it might sound but we have been in previous years so it was not so much of a novelty this time. However, I like the fact that you can buy potatoes singly and choose from dozens of different varieties.

After last year’s poor performance I have gone back to salad blue and kestrel.

We have limited space so we do all our potatoes in bags and/or large pots and have to be careful not to overcrowd them – that is counter-productive in terms of yield. However, I couldn’t resist trying out a new variety called “purple majesty”. These are, as the name implies, purple in colour. We’ll see how they go.

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