Christmas greetings

…he gave me his presence.

Which, you might say, is the true meaning of Christmas: a celebration of the fact that God is here. At the moment he is here in the middle of whatever we are going through and that may be messy and bad as much as good and hopeful. Through that first Christmas, God shares what it is to be a human being in his son Jesus Christ: birth is a risky business at the best of times. However, then in Bethlehem there were so few facilities available to Mary and Joseph that Jesus ended up in an animal’s feeding trough – a strange sight indeed.

“Most surprising of all, is the discivery that the one for whom we wait has been present all along” (Paula Gooder)

Whatever kind of Christmas you are having, my hope and prayer for you is that you have some sense that God is with you in it.

Happy Christmas!

A prayer from “Common Worship” for Christmas Day

Lord Jesus Christ, your birth at Bethlehem draws us to kneel in wonder at heaven touching earth. Accept our heartfelt praise as we worship you, our Saviour and our eternal God. Amen. (Additional Collect)