It was a mixed bag of weather – rainy most days – when we visited the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. We stayed five nights in a holiday flat. As accommodation went it was OK but it was very much a Summer holiday flat – not the best place for a cold and wet November. So we fed the hungry gas and electric meters while making sure we had enough layers on; two or three pairs of socks, for instance.However, there were some interesting places to see in the forest and in the rest of Gloucestershire. Here are some photos of some of them.

Puzzlewood was OK but the gloomy weather did not help. I reckon that more sunshine would have improved things; ironically by making the shadowy places seem darker. It is supposed to be “atmospheric” and has been the location for some sci-fi/fantasy TV shows and films. Having said that, the first thing that caught my attention was the car park sign which is clearly quantum:

Puzzlewood car park

This might give you an idea of what it was like

Westonbirt Arboretum, across on the other side of the river Severn, really deserves an entry all to itself. This is just a small selection of the photos I took. A number of people mentioned that the colours of the autumn trees were not as good as most years. The weather this year has been unseasonable: much, much wetter than usual. Also, the frosts seem to be later in arriving this year which may seem like a nice idea except that much of nature uses them as a trigger to go into Winter-mode – leaves falling, hibernation etc.


We paid a visit to the city of Gloucester itself. One new thing I learnt is where it got its name from. I already worked out that there was a Roman connection from the suffix “-cester”; what I did not know was that the place was named after the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus.Loosely translated, Gloucester means “Gus’s Barracks”.

Once we worked out where to park the car we visited the Cathedral and the city docks including the canal museum.

The first two photos were taken inside the Cathedral.


These two are of the docks.


We would visit Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean again – but in warmer weather.