It must be autumn, not just because the heating has kicked in and I have put away my summer coat. The equinox passed me by without notice. We’ve still got plenty of tomatoes on the plants but they are ripening very slowly and it is only a question of time before the first frost bites. For some reason the water cress has done rather well too…

Meanwhile it has been raining rather a lot – we have, fortunately, escaped the floods that have affected many other parts of the country.

For those of us prone to getting depressed, it would be easy to let the end of summer, the decreasing daylight, and the gloomy days, to get to us. And, of course, Autumn may indeed make us sad. My reflection about this – as I struggle to settle to work or even to play – is that while I may get sad, I don’t have to get sad. I am not fated to sadness and I don’t have to go looking for it. And if, perchance, I do get sad it is worth remembering that it will not last. It helps me when I remember that.

God is good, and his mercy lasts for ever.