… but it is part of the cultural Olympiad, apparently. It’s been a little confusing round here, what with the opening ceremony tomorrow but the first games started yesterday. Mind you, the Olympic torch has been doing the rounds for several weeks now so perhaps one should think of the beginning as a process rather than an event.

In the meantime here are a few photos from Northampton which welcomed a pride of knitted lions in its market square. They were encased in a glass box  several metres high and with the bright daylight getting  a clear photo was not easy – lots of reflections. The result includes, for example, one where it looks like a lion is eating cloud.

cultural Olympiad – knitted lions

about the knitting art project

Meanwhile, in the shopping centre, the council had arranged for a “safari” of various animals (sponsored by businesses, schools, charities and the like) to be on display on two floors. They were variously decorated in styles appropriate to the sponsoring organisation. Except for one animal: a lone hippopotamus. For this one the public were invited to make their own mark. I therefore took up the chalk and here is the result:

 ; and here is the hippo: