I like chocolate a lot but I wouldn’t say that it is something to get overly excited about. However, at breakfast as I perused the latest edition of the Radio Times and I come across an advert declaring “from now on, every pack of Maltesers will be Fairtrade certified.” I am delighted. I have supported and bought Fairtrade goods over many years – to the point of trying to avoid companies with a poor track record for workers’ rights, environmental responsibility etc etc. Unfortunately, it has also meant fretting over some of my favourite chocolates which are not Fairtrade certified. I either don’t buy them (and feel mildly resentful) or, if I do give into temptation, do get them but do not enjoy them as much. It is hard to stick to ones principles when the alternative tastes nice.

So I am really pleased that one of my favourite chocolates is now Fairtrade certified.