… despite the tradition that Bank Holidays are wet! Our street party went OK – although we did have rather a lot of strawberries left over! It was nice to meet neighbours we normally only say “Hello” to. There was some discussion as to whether to sing the National Anthem but in the end we settled for saying “God save the Queen” and “God save [Our Street]”. A couple of photos are included here. They don’t include any people for two reasons. Firstly, it was strictly speaking a private party, and secondly I haven’t asked anyone’s permission to publish their photo here so I didn’t.

The pin-the-tail-on-the-corgi needs a word of explanation. We had some difficulty determining what a corgi’s tail looks like let alone where it belongs. This is because their tails are docked so most pictures of them don’t have any! So the prize went to the person who most closely pinned the tail to where it would have been if a corgi had one! (Not to the smart Alec who pinned it in mid-air, but then, I wasn’t going to get a prize, was I?)

The photos include some of the bunting, a close up of the collage of the state crown (various people had a go at making this) and the pin-the-tail-on-the-corgi.

God save the Queen and God bless us all!