We are commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. That’s not just here in England but in many other countries in the Commonwealth too. I do know that while some of us will celebrate this occasion in some way during 2012, there are others who respectfully decline to do so. They might say, for example, that choosing a Head of State should not be an accident of birth; or they might say that it is not fair that one family should have such a privileged position.

However, the fact is that no system of government is perfect. Much depends on the attitudes and qualities of the leaders of the time – whatever particular system might have put them there.

I believe that the best model of leadership is that of Jesus. He is Lord and Master to his disciples but he also washed their feet. He showed that while leaders may have particular privileges, they should never think of themselves as superior to the next person. They should also have in mind that they are accountable for their actions – not to be self-serving or a law unto themselves. In our Queen, Elizabeth II, we have an example of a leader who appears to have very much taken to heart the idea that leadership means service.

So, I for one, am happy to spend at least a moment or two to thank God for her reign; remembering that the whole world is under the sovereignty of Jesus the Christ, who is King of kings and Lord of Lords.

God save the Queen!