and, well, yes, there were some aeroplanes as well: all light aircraft, one jet and a handful of helicopters. For the industry and enthusiasts there was plenty to see: trade stands, seminars, latest technology. As for myself, I happened to see the poster and it being my day off went along more out of curiosity than anything else. I didn’t buy anything but I took my camera and happily passed a couple of hours wandering round and trying to get some interesting photos. You may notice that we had clear blue skies and it was a very sunny morning. What is not so obvious is that there was a strong Easterly breeze. That was not a problem – in fact helped to keep us cool – but it did mean that the aircraft were taking off and landing in the opposite direction to usual. Happily the show meant that we could get closer to the action than usual and thereby get a better view of what was going on.

So here are the results: a boat, a bus, a vintage car, an ice cream van

a boat

a double decker bus

vintage car

an ice cream van among other things

And here are some photos of aircraft:


they landed on parallel runways

happy landing

parallax 2

light aircraft

I think this one is my favourite:

at Aeroexpo 2012