Actually, in this country, it is quite difficult to get to a place that is untouched by human beings. The landscape has been shaped over thousands of years by the weather, climate and nature, of course, but it is hard to find somewhere where human beings have not left their mark.

That thought struck me when the other week I was out in the countryside for a few days. The nearest town (and nearest supermarket for that matter) was about 10 miles away, the nearest bus stop the best part of a mile away, and if you did not have a car or some such you were not going to get very far unless on foot. On the day I did venture for a walk away from where I was staying, I found a quiet country lane or two with the occasional vehicle passing by – say two or three per hour. From our house at home you’d give up counting within a minute or less. I wouldn’t dare attempt the walk at night – no pavement until I found the nearest village a mile or so away – and on the main (B) road there weren’t many more cars but they were faster and I spent almost as much time perched on the edge of the grass ditch as I did walking along. There were a couple of bends in the road which truly scared me. I might hear the lorry coming but would the driver see me?

You see, to be honest, I’m a townie at heart. I don’t mind looking at the countryside but I’m not really comfortable in it. So when I went to a county famed for its valleys and moorland I felt that I was getting away from it all. I have no complaints about the place where I stayed: food OK, nice views, a couple of evenings conducive to star-gazing, and generally quiet. I would tell you where I went but I want to keep it secret!

So one day, I went on this walk with my camera, tried not to rush, and decided to take some photos with the theme “in the middle of nowhere” (or something like that). However, if I tried to get a picture of the valley I found electric power lines in the way; or to get a better view (without trespassing) I had to worry about the traffic coming along the road. Everywhere I looked I could find a nice view but there was nearly always a fence, a road, a house, a farm, a barn or some other artifact. At one point a low flying military transport plane came over head.

I did manage to “get away from it all” but I wasn’t truly ‘in the middle of nowhere’. Other parts of these islands may have true wilderness, but not my part. Here is a selection of the photos I took.

countryside country life in the middle of nowhere