What if I don’t feel love for my spouse?. I’m not sure I agree with every comment on this post, but I do think that it is fair to say that love is what we say and do as well as what we happen to feel. I’m not deriding feelings with respect to love – indeed they add colour and excitement to our life and can add strength to our will. Unfortunately, feelings are also fickle and can subtract from us as well.

If we realise that our feelings by their very nature are bound to change then we may also realise that feelings alone are a poor basis for making a decision.

Incidentally, by “feelings” I’m referring to emotions such as attraction, romantic love, etc. Intuition and instinct I would categorise differently.

And finally, whatever rational advice we might be offered, let’s not dismiss feelings altogether lest we become cynical. I think I’d rather be foolish than hard-hearted (though it is possible to be both, I suppose, and you don’t have to be either).

In the meantime: Happy Valentine’s Day!