It rained quite heavily but we were determined to see, and hopefully also photograph, the A380 when it flew overhead en route to Heathrow Airport. The pictures aren’t particularly wonderful not least because it tipped down with rain and we were not in the best location for a good view of the aeroplanes. Still, we had fun competing to see who was first to spot the landing lights and guessing what the aircraft or airline was.

landing at Heathrow partially hidden by rain as well as cloud   

Finally, about an hour and a half after we had expected it, we saw what we had been looking out for. A380 - "double-decker aeroplane" A380

Yes, I admit, ‘plane spotting may not be the “coolest” thing and there may have been more worthy pass times we could have done. The point is that we had some innocent fun for an hour or so of the morning.

And that’s OK.