Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! We were lent a DVD of a plasticine animation called “Gogs” (PG rated, parental guidance). I watched a few episodes but did not like it: too much wee and poo for my liking. “School-boy humour” my friend had told me, “suitable for 10 year-old boys.” Indeed. Not for a middle-aged fuddy-duddy like me. (No, I’m not old, not yet. However, I discovered I was middle-aged when we stayed at a Youth Hostel a few years ago and I started complaining about those other residents on holiday who went to bed after 10 pm.) But I digress.

So when we see Alicia walk into work at the beginning of episode one of the new series we can readily guess from her demeanour what kind of night she had had and with whom. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a “fuddy-duddy”, a romantic or an idealist, but that strand of the plot let me a bit disappointed. Still, the rest of the episode was cleverly crafted as ever. So I’ll still be watching but perhaps less hopefully than before (see previous post on this topic). Three stars, not four.