Since the 7th of this month, according to my notes, every morning it has been misty in our neck of the woods. There are a couple of exceptions: on the 13th I was too caught up in the duties of the day to stop and write any observations but I think it was cold and sunny at breakfast time; and 18th (which was still cloudy and it misted over during the evening). The other two exceptions have been yesterday (the writing of the first draft of this post) and the day before yesterday when the weather has been foggy – even poorer visibility. I did wonder if this was some kind of a record but even I can remember some worse fogs in London in the 1960’s and 70’s when I was growing up – even after the Clean Air Act.

There is no point in getting any photos for here: grey and perhaps the occasional faint outline of the odd house or two; not exactly photogenic. I don’t mind particularly except that it means that the night sky has been virtually impossible to see hereabouts. Just after I bought a subscription to “Sky at Night” magazine too!

Looking on the bright side, the unseasonable warmth, so far, has kept the heating bills lower than I had feared.