… instead of looking up  at them. That was a novelty for us because it was the first trip in an aeroplane for many years. Until recently we vacationed in the UK – partly because of the cost, partly out of consideration of the CO2 air travel makes. Well, we saved up, paid our carbon off-set and took the four-hour flight across the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean.

So we looked down at the clouds: some flat stratus clouds at first (I was too slow off the mark, getting the camera out of the bottom of my bag, to do justice to the “glory” we saw out of the window).

a "glory" seen from an aeroplane

These gave way to what I think were alto cumulus of some sort but I am not very good at estimating heights so these could be straight-forward cumulus (or “fair weather”) clouds.

view from a boeing 757 over the Eastern Atlantic en route to the Canary Islands

I didn’t have any particularly clever or inspiring thoughts – I was just excited at going on holiday to an island I had never been to before.