and I am glad we went to the fireworks show hosted by Northampton Saints (rugby club) at Franklin’s Gardens this evening.

I did consider taking my camera. It has a feature which is preset to take pictures of fireworks so I might have used that. However, previous experience of firework displays is that the camera would have to cope with fireworks amidst mist and rain. As it happened, although it is very cloudy and rain threatened, I am glad I didn’t take the camera – it meant I was able to give better attention to the fireworks and thereby enjoy them more.

Tonight’s show, though not perfect, was good and we had in twenty minutes a variety of colour, some crackles, not too many bangs, and popular music to accompany it. The intensity and number of fireworks was obviously designed to complement the music but unfortunately they were not always quite in synch – that mostly did not matter until the end of a track. Nonetheless, it held my attention for the duration.

Some obvious points are worth noting. For example, the organisers had enough sense not to place people too high up in the stands (otherwise the roof would have obscured a lot of the view). Secondly there was a large, clear space between the spectators and where the fireworks were launched from. That end of the pitch was also covered over. Obvious and necessary precautions maybe but I think still worth commenting upon.

So we watched our money go up in smoke and didn’t speculate what the carbon off-set ought to have been till well after we got back home.

Seven out of ten – partly because of the out-of-synch music, partly because I could have watched more.