As a moderately health-conscious (don’t laugh, I do eat a healthy diet as well as an unhealthy one) person, it is with mixed feelings that I mention our trip to a milkshake bar in town. It was a treat for a special occasion for a member of our family and I was also curious to see what it was like.
Low fat, low sugar and low-calorie is not what I saw when we first walked in: a wall filled with pretty much every brand of chocolate bar and biscuit/cookie you could imagine.
After a split-second of soul-searching I decided I would try one of their milkshakes and ordered a Malteser one. I watched it being made. First a packet of Maltesers was emptied into a plastic jug. Then a few swirls of ice-cream were added from a machine in the corner (my heart sank at this point because that usually means non-dairy ice cream which I think of as frozen margarine). Finally some semi-skimmed milk was poured in before the whole lost was “blitzed” i.e. blended in the jug. After a minute or so the drink was put into a cup and was ready.
To my surprise the drink was thicker than I anticipated but as the ice cream melted I was able to drink it through the straw. Incidentally, the straw was of the type that has a kind of small scoop at the bottom end so all those bits of chocolate at the end were not lost. Further to my surprise, it actually tasted quite nice. It was sweet enough for my sweet tooth and I enjoyed it. I think next time I might ask for added malt unless I choose a different chocolate bar – a Mars bar for instance.
I won’t comment on the pick ‘n’ mix except to observe that I think I’m more fussy about my sweets these days. By definition pick ‘n’ mix is rarely value for money but I would say that in this case the prices here were average.
As for the fruit smoothies, the leaflet tells us that they are made with “100% fresh fruit”. I’m not sure if it is the freshness which is 100% or that the drink is only made with fruit. Although the language is ambiguous I don’t think they’re trying to pull a fast one. Perhaps I’ll try one some other day.
I suppose my main reaction can be summed up as “pleasantly surprised”. Or, to put it another way, “the milkshake was actually rather good and I intend to go back again another day.”