… containing not a mix of fruity tropical parrots but a variety of seeds.

Meanwhile, in a high street shop not so far away from the market stall where I saw that ambiguous notice, I wandered round with a voucher looking for a t-shirt or jumper I could buy. I needed both – the one for the warmer climate for our holiday, the other to replace one of the several jumpers that are now rather the worse for wear. I didn’t stay long. I wasn’t just that I couldn’t find any that I liked, but that they all seemed to be various shades of dull. Yes, there were red, green and purple as well as black and grey but they all seemed to be lacklustre. Now, it might have been the lighting, I don’ think it was my eyes (I did check later to see if I could see bright colours!) so I’m left with thinking that muted, pastel (or dull) is in this season.

Perhaps I was being a little unrealistic in expecting summer colours at a clothes shop in the middle of autumn. I know, Jesus told his disciples that they should not worry “what should we wear” so I’ll make do with what I’ve got a little while longer – and keep an eye out for fruity parrots.