Next will be King Edwards or Salad Blue. The warm Spring gave our potatoes a head start so that one lot of main crop appeared to be ready earlier than the earlies. Although the Spring was warm it was also very dry; meanwhile Summer has been largely warm and wet. According to a weather person on TV it is perfectly normal for our Summers to be warm and rainy: hot dry ones are the exception rather than the rule but British people still seem to think they are usual and are disappointed when they are not. The ideal for most of our crops is, I suppose, warm sunshine and showers.

This is not the first time I’ve mentioned our potatoes (see here) but I am pleased enough with this year’s crop to put it on the record.

Meanwhile, our potatoes so far have had flavour and worked well either baked or sautéd. The Lady Balfour are a new variety to us and have tasted quite good but they were expensive compared to other varieties – probably cheaper to buy them from the supermarket by the time we’ve improved the soil, watered them etc. The kestrels do OK in the sack method, have not succumbed to disease and also have a reasonable taste. The Madeleines are not ready yet. I believe they are a new variety so I’m not sure whether they are an early, main or late crop. My guess is that they are a main crop and won’t be ready until sometime in September.