And it most definitely was part two. I enjoyed watching this film – at least, I felt the satisfaction of seeing the resolution of a story that has been unfolding in the books and in the films over more than a decade. You did need to have seen part one to make most sense of this final episode and if you have not been following the series either in the books or in film, I would not start here. You really do need to start at the beginning or at least with one of the earlier episodes to follow the plot easily. Parts of the film were spent tidying up previous loose ends so, for example, we finally get to see what made Snape tick.

I was pleased that the film included the epilogue that is in the book; not so much because it showed that “and everyone lived happily ever after” (not all of them did) but it did allow us to confirm the redemption/restoration of at least one of the characters.

If I were to give this film a rating it would be three stars out of five. That reflects the fact that I enjoyed it but where others in this series were very good, this one was just plain good.

Will this stand the test of time? I don’t know. Perhaps it will go the way of “Star Wars” and go out of favour for a decade or so until the children who grew up with Harry Potter grow up to have children of their own and brush the dust off the books to read them again.