So I don’t have any photos of either. I don’t know if it is unusual to have both snowdrops and bluebells in a garden at the same time but this year we did. After a harder than usual winter – colder, duller, gloomier – the snowdrops had to combat frost and snow. By the time they appeared the weather had turned round and we had an unseasonably warm Spring – temperatures and sunshine that  would have done any English Summer proud. Although we have had more cloud of late I think it has only rained here twice since the beginning of the month (admitting that we might have slept through night-time rainfall) when typically it rains about half the week.

It has been reported that English strawberries are early this year. That is good news as far as I am concerned as I like them more than apples, for instance. Apparently, the early arrival of the English strawberry might be a concern for the traditional dish at Wimbledon if the season not only arrives a month early but finishes too early as well.

In the meantime our red poppies have flowered. I think they are a bit early too. A couple of photos are included here.