I never set out to blog every day but perhaps about once a week. The topics usually crop up in the course of daily life: things happen, we go out, read a book, hear the news on TV or radio. From time to time nothing in particular seems to happen so what to write about then? Look out the window (and if the weather is at all fine go outside, perhaps).

I think there is a general point here. If there is nothing in particular going on: look out the window. You might not see anything special, but you might see the ordinary things more clearly. Which all sounds very worthy but recently the view from my window here has either been foggy or tipping down with rain – sometimes even both! In fact, it has been like that for the best part of a week and it has rather dampened our spirits.

At least the view from my window is neither a violent street scene, nor an earthquake torn town (my prayer for you is to receive the support and courage you need, if that happens to be your window view just now). Here, however, you might even say that it is quite pleasant. Gloomy, yes, grey, indeed, not very warm, absolutely; but it is a steady rain at just the time that some plants are beginning to rouse themselves from their winter slumber. And we have not had a frost for a week or two either – also a benefit to the trees, bushes and new shoots making their first appearance.

I realise that it is a contrary thought but it seems to me that it is possible to optimistic even in the gloom and rain. I don’t simply mean “count your blessings” (appropriate though that is). One just has to see things from a different point of view. Mind you, it’s not easy trying to think like a bush or a tree, n’est-ce pas?